Where are my keys

Sometimes, this is what causes evil on certain (read: a lot) days:


Yeah, exactly: keys.

Somehow I have a talent for putting them somewhere where I forgot where it was. Every time again I find myself running through the house like crazy cursing myself and telling myself “You should put your keys on the same spot from now on because this happens and happens and happens and is superfrustrating”. That goes like this:


All dressed up to go outside and while I step towards the door it suddenly gets me: Uhoh, where are my keys?

The first place I think of is my desk. That’s where they usually are. But no, of course they are not there. So I start the monstersearch.


Looking on the table where I sometimes put them. No keys. Hmm.


Run into the livingroom, where I almost never am, but who knows they are in a weird spot. No keys. Oh dear.


Ah, of course. Poing. Idea in my head. The jeans I wore yesterday! I run upstairs and find…empty pockets. Still no keys. Arggggh.


Clearly pretty annoyed I start looking into unusual places. Did I accidentally put them in the fridge? Threw them in the garbage? Maybe in my shoe? In the bathroom? No, still no keys.


And then I slowly reach my last hope: the kitchen maybe? I look everywhere, but still no keys. I’m getting really annoyed now. They HAVE to be SOMEWHERE! Arrrrggghhh.

So this continues every time again, every time planning to put my keys at the same location. Of course that never works out. So i keep  ending up like this :

(trying not to scream)


(Frustration loadinggggggggggg and voice increasing:)

Into this monster:



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