Sleeping is a great something. I’m glad it exists. Though, there are these times, I can’t sleep at all. Also sometimes I sleep way too much, other times I turn into a nightowl and don’t sleep at all for longer periods of time.

One evening, I was lying in bed, trying to sleep.The clock ticked and ticked and ticked minutes and hours away, but I just couldn’t sleep no matter how bad I wanted to.


Okay, so no sleeping….let’s read a book. But too tired to read, so that wasn’t working out at all. Somewhat annoyed I put the book away.


So after I put the book away, I tried to count sheep. Like they always show in cartoons on tv or tell in stories. Counting sheep huh. But all I could see was a sheep saying: mehhhh, behhhh, mehhh, behhhhh….


Even more annoyed I tossed and turned and tossed and turned and switched positions ( somehow I move more in my sleep then during the days) but suddenly…


I rolled over too far and it was BOOM. There I lay next to my bed on the ground.


Since I fell out of bed, I was lying down on the carpet on the floor staring at the ceiling. What was the point of stepping back into bed anyway?


And switching position again.


And more switching positions.


And more….and more and more and more…


And more……….untill i felt so stupid I stepped back into bed again.


Where I was lying feeling stupid untill the sun came up again. Wahoo, a brand new day….


3 thoughts on “Insomniblahhh

      • I’ve been there! I sometimes feel like I will never sleep again and then the next week I’m so exhausted and feeling bad that I sleep 24/7, almost literally lol. I’m glad you get what it’s like, I’ve tried to explain this sort of thing to family and friends and they always seem confused by what’s said.

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