Beep beep poing poing


Phones. A great invention. Okay, nowadays the role of a phone in human life seems to be a bit too much sometimes in my eyes, but yeah, okay, a phone can be super super handy.


Phonecalls. Thats what you use phones for right? But somehow I really really, really dislike them.


Okay, a phone can be so handy sometimes, but 99% of the times, I don’t like it. Maybe a smartphone is nice (but also the thing that often seems to take over lives) where you can browse on the web and look up things, but I’m still the owner of a dumbphone which means calling or texting only.

This is how it goes most of the times:


Beep beep beep. Phone functions as my alarm. That’s way not the worst thing of my phone.

Pingping. Message.


Not too bad either.

*Lalalalalalala tune playing = that means that….


Someone is calling.




Ehhhh…….what am I going to say?




Ehhhhh… it so hard to pick up that $#%@^#$ phone??


Aaahhhhh. Darn you pick uuuuuup.


Pick uuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppp !


Phew, call ended.

But…….Feelings of guilt come. I almost never pick up. Even not when a friend is calling. Yeah, I do feel guilty. Sometimes I should at least pick up or call back….but sometimes, I just feel so uncomfortable or low or whatever I can’t seem to pick up. And all I have to do is stick out an arm and press a button. What happens next is that I keep staring at my phone for at least 15 minutes fighting with myself to call back or message or if the person will call again.


So yeah, thats how it goes. Brave me huh.


4 thoughts on “Beep beep poing poing

  1. Omg! I do the same thing!!!!!! My bf gets so upset with me over this, it’s nice to show him your post and that I’m not the only one that struggles with this! Thanks a bunch! I love, love your blog so much!

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